WEB3- New Environment for vacancies

The revolution of Web1 to Web3

Web3 is a name for a new era that has arrived. It is a space that offers plenty of job opportunities! With Web1, which started around 1990, static webpages with texts and pictures as formats were mainly created by developers. With Web2 which followed around 2006, a more social and interactive Web was built. With Social-media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, almost any user can become a creator and share content. For companies that rely on personal data, it was a matter of time to generate personalized advertisements, which would increase their revenue. Web2 can genuinely be called the era of Online-Advertisement.

Now, in 2022, there is Web3- it is a relatively new territory that incorporates metaverse, NFTs, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and 3D graphics. Although Web3 is relatively new, there are already a lot of job opportunities on the market. Platforms that have specialized on Web3 roles in tech- and non-tech sectors are increasing and it seems as if Web3 has opened a new door to success.


Now, what differentiates Web3 from Web2? Web3 is decentralized, which means that all Web3 applications run on decentralized networks, crypto-economic protocols, or Blockchains. This huge difference alone creates a new environment for tech, non-tech, and designer job roles. Companies hiring for these roles are either Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) that have their focus solely on Web3 or companies that have created a Web3 niche within their company.


5 common job roles in Web3

Solidity Developer: Solidity is the programming language for creating smart contracts. Smart contracts run on the Ethereum Blockchain. As a Solidity Developer, you would be responsible for creating smart contracts, sometimes you would be responsible for QA testing and product feature implementation. Overall you would be in various aspects of a development process. The salary for this position can go up to 180.000 $, depending on your experience.

Marketing Officer/Manager: As a Marketing Manager for a DAO you would be responsible to implement all areas of digital marketing, including paid advertising, email campaigns, affiliate marketing, and more. Since DAOs are mainly new organizations, marketing roles seem to be popular in the non-tech sector. The salary for this position can go up to 150.000 $, depending on the experience.

Community Manager: As a community manager the main focus is managing a community and navigating new members to make sure their onboarding goes smoothly. Creating community strategies, and building and maintaining database knowledge for members is part of this role. Community Managers do exist in Web2, the main difference could be the use of Discord and Telegram. Both platforms have gained popularity in Web3. Salaries for this role in Web3 can go up to 150000 $.

UX/UI Designer: As UX Designer you will have to define intuitive user interfaces and interactions for products ensuring they provide a cohesive end-to-end experience. The salary range is between 45-100.000$.

3D Artist: helping companies in developing games and other settings for virtual realities. 3D artists are responsible for the style of a product. The salary range is between 65.000-80.000 $, depending on the experience.

Maybe a good time to test the waters

Web3 roles exist in all forms. You could be working full-time, as a freelancer, or part-time. There is a module for everyone. If you are interested in Customer Support, you will be able to find roles in Web3 job portals or even general job portals such as Indeed. More job roles that are offered on the market are Data Analyst, Blockchain Engineer, or Public Relations Consultant. For anyone future-driven, a Web3 job role might be the right choice. 

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